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“5 on 5 games were prevalent”

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’89-’90 was all about the Oakland Athletics for me.We lived in Upstate NY so anytime i could catch them on ESPN i would.It wasn’t unusual for our cable service to be cut once or twice a year,so next day newspaper box scores and telephone sports hotlines was what i would typically resort to in the event of an unpaid cable bill.An Oakland win a day kept the grouchiness away.A multi-homer day from Jose was icing on the cake!
Every Saturday morning(after Sportscenter/cartoons and cereal of course) it was off to my buddy’s house to gather up his equipment and make our daily rounds,scouring the neighborhood for kids to get a decent game of sandlot baseball going.There was Edwin-the Darryl Strawberry fan,his older brother Orlando-the Reds fan(uugh,don’t even wanna go there),Dougie-the lover of all things Yankees.. and Kevin Maas,Reese-fan of the up and coming Atlanta Braves,Giovanni-the sometimes Oakland fan(although in ’92 he was mad at me and suddenly became a Blue Jays/Kelly Gruber fan when they played Oakland in the playoffs)and a few other stragglers and late arrivals to even out the teams.Getting 18 guys together to play sandlot baseball was nearly impossible.5 on 5 games were prevalent.We all imitated our favorites,too,.From Strawberry’s high leg kick to Canseco’s nervous twitch.Most of us would go on to play little league together before ultimately growing apart.Man…where’s a time machine when you need one.

To be continued