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The Can-Stash!

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Here are a few Canseco rookies that I was able to hunt down recently. The 1986 Donruss Rookies and 1986 Topps Traded  I already had, so I was pretty excited to be able to add some of his earlier Fleer cards. As a kid in the 80’s,I would have been the top dawg had I owned the 86 Fleer Prospects Plunk/Canseco card. It was going for about 40 to 50 bucks If my memory serves me right. I could only dream about owning this card as a kid. The 86 Huntsville Stars was another popular card back in the dizzay. All I need now is his 1986 Sportflics and 1986 Donruss to have pretty much all of his major RC’s. I might have to get the 86 Donruss slabbed and graded to make sure I don’t end up with a counterfeit.

RSCN9022 RSCN9024

RSCN9029 RSCN9034