Hurry – Up , Already!

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Don’t the last few weeks of spring training go by nauseatingly slow?!?Drives me insane.

Wake me when the season starts!

Nostalgic Cup O’ Coffee

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Needless to say, I ate a lot of Honeycomb cereal back in the early 2,000’s(that doesn’t roll of the tongue like  “early 80’s or early 90’s” does ) and these little guys had everything to do with that. I would have loved for POST to come out with an NFL/NBA line of mini’s. Ichiro was the most coveted of the bunch.I’m glad I hung on to these little fockers.


The likenesses of POST’s mini bobble heads were actually more spot on then most UD Playmakers were at the time.

DSCN7669 DSCN7665 DSCN7663


Baseball’s Back!

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After a long and miserable MLB-less winter,spring and baseball are finally here.Don’t get me wrong,i love the winter ,being the closet agoraphobe  that i am,but spring and summer time play host to Americas greatest pastime  and the emotional roller coaster ride that is Major League Baseball.My fantasy teams are all off to a pretty good start and my Metsies are 2-0 😉 While the Mets are my favorite team,i also have a few sentimental favorites including the Cubs,Royals,Orioles and the recently displaced Houston Astros.RSCN4824Yu Darvish of the Texas Rangers gave us a reason to be excited

about this baseball season as i’m pretty sure we’ll see similar performances from

the likes of him before the season’s over.Bryce Harper started off the season with a bang,or should i say 2 bangs,and props to my boy Matt Harvey for going 7 and only giving up 1 hit with 10 K’s in his ’13 debut!Without a doubt this is sure to be a year to remember.Cano fires Scott Boras and hires Jay Z to be his agent.The Yanks bleed red just like the rest of us again.Baltimore’s got some pop!Houston becomes A.L.’s punching bag.The BlueJays got some proving to do and the Phil’s will have a couple of Uptons,a Strasburg and a young fireballer named Matt Harvey to contend with this year.Buckle up ladies and gentlemen…it’s gonna be a looooong ride!

Referring to players/athletes as “property of”?

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I’m not a big fan of the WBC but must admit to watching,and even enjoying some of it these past couple of weeks.I must say that the announcing of Matt  Vasgersian kind of got to me.On more than one occasion he referred to some of the WBC players as being “property of” their respective MLB team.I’m pretty sure players have been labeled this before but  i can honestly say that i can’t remember the last time i heard it used so prevalently during a ball game than during this years WBC.The label just doesn’t sit well with me.”Affiliated with” or “under contract with” sounds a lot less objectifying than “property of” imo.

Beating The Winter Baseball Blues…

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Waiting around for the baseball season to begin can drive any fan of Major League Baseball borderline nutsoes!So what better way to pass the time  than with an outdated PS One baseball game!I had initially picked up the third release from the VR  franchise,Interplay Baseball 2000,but encountered major freez-age every 7th inning or so during season play.Naturally i went with its predecessor,VR 99,and while the graphics aren’t as polished as IB 2000,the gameplay is just as good.Neither game has great graphics to begin with but the physics of the baseball are pretty realistic and the overall gameplay is surprisingly fun!The game moves at a fast pace and really puts an emphasis on  pitching more than anything,forcing you to keep an eye on your pitchers stamina and warm up relievers.It’s a shame i never gave these games a second look when they first released back in 99 and 2000.If your looking for a fun way to beat the winter baseball blues and you don’t feel like dropping 60 bucks on a next gen title,give Interplay Baseball 2000 or VR99  a try.You’ll be horrified by the graphics, and then fall in love with the gameplay.

Ya gotta love that cover art!
Ya gotta love that cover art!

Coming Soon!

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Be sure to check in from time to time as  i’ll be posting regularly by the end of the week   or so.Got tons to write about and lots of cool pics to post!