Nostalgic Cup O’ Coffee

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Needless to say, I ate a lot of Honeycomb cereal back in the early 2,000’s(that doesn’t roll of the tongue like  “early 80’s or early 90’s” does ) and these little guys had everything to do with that. I would have loved for POST to come out with an NFL/NBA line of mini’s. Ichiro was the most coveted of the bunch.I’m glad I hung on to these little fockers.


The likenesses of POST’s mini bobble heads were actually more spot on then most UD Playmakers were at the time.

DSCN7669 DSCN7665 DSCN7663



I Like The Astros!

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Chris Carter will have a breakout season in ’14 alongside Altuve. And don’t get me started on Dominguez 🙂 21 Homers/77 RBI last year. The ‘stros should provide plenty of entertainment from an offensive standpoint in ’14.Not sure about their pitching staff, though.




Grand Slam Baseball-PS1

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I’m not sure what it is but lately I’ve been craving crappy looking baseball video games. I’ve gotten to the point where I can forgive a jaggy here and there as long as I can get some quick gameplay and decent stat track-age. Don’t get me wrong, I love the amazing graphics most of the next gen baseball titles have to offer, but  they’re almost TOO realistic. I know, I sound ungrateful, but It’s true. Not to mention the 60 dollar price tag most games come with  nowadays. So , Grand Slam Baseball isn’t a great game. In fact it’s borderline good, but something about it keeps pulling me in. Maybe It’s the Sega Genesis/16 bit vibe, which  makes me say to my self ” Why not just play a 16 bit Sega Genesis baseball game? “Also, the game is incredibly tough and I’m currently 0-6 going into the season.Winning a game may be another reason why I feel so  obligated to play  it everyday. The game is o.k. ,offers a different look and style of play  that some might find appealing or simply unplayable. I’m a glutton for diversity, so needless to say I’ll be playing a lot of GS Baseball  this winter.





What If….?

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..Canseco and Cespedes played together, both in their prime! Canseco in right, Yoenis in left. WOW! “The Cuban Connection” ? “C & C Hit Factory” ?-(note the 80’s reference).A swing and a miss from one of these guys could generate enough wind power to light up a small country. Seriously, a Canseco whiff was sometimes more exciting to watch than a homer was.The same with Cespedes.Must see T.V. people, must see T.V.


The New Stash Spot!

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Finding a place to store my cards can be hazardous, especially when my better half has control of 99.9 percent of  pretty much everything that is in, on and around our house. Yeah,” OUR” house-Funny right? JK dear 😉 Anyways, the wifey finally came around yesterday and decided to give me 3/4 of our linen closet to stash most of my card collection. Yeeeah buddy! And while this has all the makings of a future “Hoarders” episode, things don’t look so bad in the old card closet… date.








RC’S #5

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RSCN9321  RSCN9323

Ahh the infamous reverse negative!

RSCN9325  RSCN9327

I picked that TOPPS MLD Sosa up for 50 cents on a hunch! I think it may have soared up to 15 bucks at one


RSCN9329  RSCN9331

Will Pedro be HOF bound in 2015?

RSCN9333  RSCN9337

RSCN9339  RSCN9341

That Michael Jordan is one of my all time favorite cards!

RSCN9343  RSCN9347

I had to show the back of the MJ card because it’s just as awesome as the front is! The only thing

cooler than MJ swinging a bat is MJ playing the field! That’s one big mit  🙂

RSCN9349  RSCN9351

RSCN9353  RSCN9355

RSCN9358  RSCN9360

This is another personal favorite of mine.1994 Bowman’s Best Jorge Posada.







I caved…

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…and picked up a couple of 2013 series 2 Topps packs.I’m not sure what the hot base cards are in the set but i’m guessing  the Gattis and Bradley ,Jr. cards are pretty popular.I’m loving the Trout insert as well.

RSCN9304  RSCN9308


RSCN9306  RSCN9312


RSCN9316  RSCN9315