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New Additions To The Old Collection!

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I’ve decided to do a little backtracking to see If I can pick up some of those cards I never got around to acquiring as a kid.Hence the Eric Davis and Vince Coleman RC’s.I haven’t collected any of the older stuff in so long that I foolishly picked up the ’85 Topps Gooden thinking it was his first card, only to realize later that his real  RC came out a year before in the Traded set. Oh well 😦 It’s still a nice card 🙂



What If….?

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..Canseco and Cespedes played together, both in their prime! Canseco in right, Yoenis in left. WOW! “The Cuban Connection” ? “C & C Hit Factory” ?-(note the 80’s reference).A swing and a miss from one of these guys could generate enough wind power to light up a small country. Seriously, a Canseco whiff was sometimes more exciting to watch than a homer was.The same with Cespedes.Must see T.V. people, must see T.V.


RC’S #5

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RSCN9321  RSCN9323

Ahh the infamous reverse negative!

RSCN9325  RSCN9327

I picked that TOPPS MLD Sosa up for 50 cents on a hunch! I think it may have soared up to 15 bucks at one


RSCN9329  RSCN9331

Will Pedro be HOF bound in 2015?

RSCN9333  RSCN9337

RSCN9339  RSCN9341

That Michael Jordan is one of my all time favorite cards!

RSCN9343  RSCN9347

I had to show the back of the MJ card because it’s just as awesome as the front is! The only thing

cooler than MJ swinging a bat is MJ playing the field! That’s one big mit  🙂

RSCN9349  RSCN9351

RSCN9353  RSCN9355

RSCN9358  RSCN9360

This is another personal favorite of mine.1994 Bowman’s Best Jorge Posada.







I caved…

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…and picked up a couple of 2013 series 2 Topps packs.I’m not sure what the hot base cards are in the set but i’m guessing  the Gattis and Bradley ,Jr. cards are pretty popular.I’m loving the Trout insert as well.

RSCN9304  RSCN9308


RSCN9306  RSCN9312


RSCN9316  RSCN9315



RC’s #3

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Sorry about the flash in some of these pics.





2013 Panini-Triple Play

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While out with my girls at our local Dollar Tree store, I stumbled across a rack containing a variety of sports cards, mostly Panini. With each pack going for a measly buck, I decided to give these 2013 Panini Triple Play cards a try. Now, the last time I bought a pack of baseball cards was probably in ’08,so even though I knew these were low end product, the prospect of opening a pack of baseball cards again after all these years had me feeling a bit giddy. I only bought two packs as I wasn’t quite sure of what I was getting myself into. Upon opening the first pack, I was quite surprised. Not to mention the fact that I’m a Met fan and two cards into it  was an All-Star David Wright insert! Each pack consists of 7 cards-5 base and 2 inserts. I’m a huge fan of artwork  on  baseball cards ever since the days of Donruss Diamond Kings, so these are right up my alley. There are only 100 base cards to collect and these would look awesome in a binder. I can’t say that I’m back into collecting 100%,but seeing as how I make  occasional stops at Dollar Tree, a pack or two of Panini Triple Play may be included in future shopping lists.





I love the wood border and the lack of an MLB license doesn’t bug me much.These  are great looking cards!










How Beckett revived and then killed the hobby for me

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Years back when i decided to collect baseball cards again,i used Beckett price guides as a tool to price what i already had and what was currently hot on the market.I loved the covers,articles and to be frank,there wasn’t another magazine i would have rather gone to the bathroom with.The price point was also easy on the pockets.Then came the price hike.I can’t remember exactly what changed,i’m thinking the magazine doubled in size causing the price to increase.So i gave up on the more expensive magazines and tried out their online guide.The fact that i would also be able to organize my cards-FOR FREE-gave me an incentive to sign up and pay the one time fee (anywhere from 6 to 9 bucks,can’t remember exactly)to include the price guide feature,which added prices and values of cards already in my organized collection.There were no recurring charges for the price guide either.If after a month i decided not to renew,the price guide feature went bye-bye. I loved it!I also bought many a card from their marketplace section and really grew my collection as a result.Then came the dreaded re-launch of the Beckett website and with it new fees.No longer was i going to be able to see my collection online because now i would have to pay the recurring monthly fee in order to recieve the organize feature.I really lost interest in the site at that point,moved onto Etopps for a bit and then ultimately halted my card collecting ways.Last i checked the monthly fee was 9 bucks but i’m not sure if i would have to commit to a year long subscription.