Grand Slam Baseball-PS1

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I’m not sure what it is but lately I’ve been craving crappy looking baseball video games. I’ve gotten to the point where I can forgive a jaggy here and there as long as I can get some quick gameplay and decent stat track-age. Don’t get me wrong, I love the amazing graphics most of the next gen baseball titles have to offer, but  they’re almost TOO realistic. I know, I sound ungrateful, but It’s true. Not to mention the 60 dollar price tag most games come with  nowadays. So , Grand Slam Baseball isn’t a great game. In fact it’s borderline good, but something about it keeps pulling me in. Maybe It’s the Sega Genesis/16 bit vibe, which  makes me say to my self ” Why not just play a 16 bit Sega Genesis baseball game? “Also, the game is incredibly tough and I’m currently 0-6 going into the season.Winning a game may be another reason why I feel so  obligated to play  it everyday. The game is o.k. ,offers a different look and style of play  that some might find appealing or simply unplayable. I’m a glutton for diversity, so needless to say I’ll be playing a lot of GS Baseball  this winter.






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