RC’S #5

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RSCN9321  RSCN9323

Ahh the infamous reverse negative!

RSCN9325  RSCN9327

I picked that TOPPS MLD Sosa up for 50 cents on a hunch! I think it may have soared up to 15 bucks at one


RSCN9329  RSCN9331

Will Pedro be HOF bound in 2015?

RSCN9333  RSCN9337

RSCN9339  RSCN9341

That Michael Jordan is one of my all time favorite cards!

RSCN9343  RSCN9347

I had to show the back of the MJ card because it’s just as awesome as the front is! The only thing

cooler than MJ swinging a bat is MJ playing the field! That’s one big mit  🙂

RSCN9349  RSCN9351

RSCN9353  RSCN9355

RSCN9358  RSCN9360

This is another personal favorite of mine.1994 Bowman’s Best Jorge Posada.








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