A Look At Some Of My RC’s

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While I have quite a few RC’s in my overall collection,this box holds some of my more valuable ones.Granted i’m far from a big spender and most of these are lower end RC’s,they are rookie cards nonetheless and of some of the more high profile players.I’ll start this off with a card that has stuck with me since childhood,and that’s this 1982 Topps Dave Stewart.


Funny story how I acquired this Tony Gwynn card.I went to a yard sale with my girlfriend one summer, right down the street from my parents house.Out comes this older man with a couple of boxes in hand,and asks me if I collected cards.I replied “yes” and began rummaging through his collection when I hear him say “gimee 50 cents a card  if ya want.” I almost lost it because there were some really good cards in that box. I told him how much the cards were really worth just so I wouldn’t feel guilty about it, but he already knew  and just wanted to get rid of them. So 50 cents was all it took to bring home this awesome Tony Gwynn RC!


This ’83 Fleer Boggs was another 50 center!


This Sandberg card has been in my collection since childhood.


Yet another 50 center lol!’84 Donruss Don Mattingly.Not in the best shape, though. Still had to have it on the strength of the cards popularity back in the day, and for 50 cents I wasn’t about to pass it up.


The next set of cards form my RC singles stash will feature cards from ’86 and 90’s so stay tuned for those.Oh yeah,and a few more 50 centers 😉


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