Baseball’s Back!

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After a long and miserable MLB-less winter,spring and baseball are finally here.Don’t get me wrong,i love the winter ,being the closet agoraphobe  that i am,but spring and summer time play host to Americas greatest pastime  and the emotional roller coaster ride that is Major League Baseball.My fantasy teams are all off to a pretty good start and my Metsies are 2-0 😉 While the Mets are my favorite team,i also have a few sentimental favorites including the Cubs,Royals,Orioles and the recently displaced Houston Astros.RSCN4824Yu Darvish of the Texas Rangers gave us a reason to be excited

about this baseball season as i’m pretty sure we’ll see similar performances from

the likes of him before the season’s over.Bryce Harper started off the season with a bang,or should i say 2 bangs,and props to my boy Matt Harvey for going 7 and only giving up 1 hit with 10 K’s in his ’13 debut!Without a doubt this is sure to be a year to remember.Cano fires Scott Boras and hires Jay Z to be his agent.The Yanks bleed red just like the rest of us again.Baltimore’s got some pop!Houston becomes A.L.’s punching bag.The BlueJays got some proving to do and the Phil’s will have a couple of Uptons,a Strasburg and a young fireballer named Matt Harvey to contend with this year.Buckle up ladies and gentlemen…it’s gonna be a looooong ride!


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