The Can-Stash!

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Here are a few Canseco rookies that I was able to hunt down recently. The 1986 Donruss Rookies and 1986 Topps Traded  I already had, so I was pretty excited to be able to add some of his earlier Fleer cards. As a kid in the 80’s,I would have been the top dawg had I owned the 86 Fleer Prospects Plunk/Canseco card. It was going for about 40 to 50 bucks If my memory serves me right. I could only dream about owning this card as a kid. The 86 Huntsville Stars was another popular card back in the dizzay. All I need now is his 1986 Sportflics and 1986 Donruss to have pretty much all of his major RC’s. I might have to get the 86 Donruss slabbed and graded to make sure I don’t end up with a counterfeit.

RSCN9022 RSCN9024

RSCN9029 RSCN9034









My Childhood Canseco Collection

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As I’ve stated in earlier posts here on Neurotic Baseball, I was quite the Oakland A’s fan growing up.I could name everyone who played on the squad during the late 80’s and early 90’s, from Glenn Hubbard on down to Lance Blankenship.To me they had the perfect team. Steinbach was a stud behind the plate and Carney Lansford was such a kick ass slap hitter! Everyone on that team looked like they fell right out of the pages of a Marvel Comic Book. I liked McGwire but loved Canseco, and always felt like the two had some sort of secret competition going on to see who could hit the most/furthest homeruns. It kind of bugged me and I even found myself secretly pulling for Canseco to do better than McGwire. Which leads me to believe, now in my older and relatively wiser years, that maybe I was a Canseco fan first and foremost,and an Oakland A’s fan second. Everybody knew how much of a Canseco fan I was. I remember being home one night and receiving a phone call from a buddy of mine ,braking the news to me about Canseco being traded to Texas. I didn’t have cable TV at the time, otherwise I would have heard about it on ESPN. Friends of mine who’s parents had paid their cable bills on time(which btw I don’t blame mom and dad as Cable was and still is a luxury to have in the home) always made sure to call up and fill me in on the latest Baseball Tonight episodes. When I found out they traded away, who imo was the better half of the “Bash Brothers”, to Texas my jaw dropped. I became resentful towards the Oakland Athletics and even tried to root for them with newly acquired Ruben Sierra, but to no avail. They just weren’t the same team without Canseco and I wasn’t about to pretend they were, either.Before that I was an avid collector of Canseco cards, but that came to an end as I just wasn’t interested in memorabilia of my favorite player sporting another uni. In a way, that trade coupled with the strike sort of killed baseball for me. My last Canseco card was a 1992  hideously designed Donruss . I think years after I ran across a couple of his Boston Red Sox cards and added them to the collection on the cheap but that’s about it. At that point my card collecting days were through and girl chasing would ensue.

Through the years my Canseco collection has started a collection of it’s own, albeit of dust and cobwebs. Looking through my books, it seems like everything is scattered and misplaced. One thing struck me though, and that’s the fact that I was never able to obtain any of his super expensive ( the time they were well above the $50 mark) 1986 rookie cards. I would have killed to have his 1986 Donruss Rated Rookies card or even his Fleer Major League Prospect card that he shared with another Oakland favorite Eric Plunk . I was able to pick up the less expensive  1986 Topps rookie card, but that’s about it. Well, It’s 2014 and Jose’s RC’s can all be had for dirt cheap and I’m chomping at the bit to fulfill my childhood dream of  owning all of Jose Canseco’s rookie cards!There were a couple of  Minor League cards that I also coveted as a kid that today are a little easier to track down thanks to eBay and online card dealers. So yeah, I’m collecting Canseco cards again! I’ll be replacing these two Canseco albums with a new one soon and placing the existing cards in my collection in new protective sleeves, even though most are pretty dinged up. Should be fun :)I’ll keep everyone updated!



The 87 Donruss has been with me since childhood but typical of this set the edges were a little worn. Luckily I had another one that I recently acquired in a box break ,slabbed and in better condition.

worn childhood 87 Donruss Canseco     


Slabbed and Stashed!
I caught one game when JC played with the BoSox.He hit a moonshot over the Green Monster!

I remember laughing when the Yanks won the World Series and Canseco jumped into the dog pile to celebrate. LOL! He didn’t even do shit! Gotta give it to em’ though. He still got a ring 😉


Stay tuned for more Canseco goodness in future posts!


New Additions To The Old Collection!

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I’ve decided to do a little backtracking to see If I can pick up some of those cards I never got around to acquiring as a kid.Hence the Eric Davis and Vince Coleman RC’s.I haven’t collected any of the older stuff in so long that I foolishly picked up the ’85 Topps Gooden thinking it was his first card, only to realize later that his real  RC came out a year before in the Traded set. Oh well 😦 It’s still a nice card 🙂


Stay Tuned!

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Coming soon-Keith Hernandez,Vince Coleman,Dwight Gooden and Nolan Arenado!Stay tuned.

RC’s #6

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For those of you not familiar with this portion of the blog,these are just pics of my RC collection.They should be in order from oldest to most recent. Enjoy the pics.

RSCN8384 RSCN8386 RSCN8388

RSCN8390 RSCN8399

RSCN8401 RSCN8406 RSCN8408

RSCN8410 RSCN8412 RSCN8415

RSCN8417 RSCN8419 RSCN8421

Wasn’t Opening Night A Few Days Ago?

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Enjoying my Sunday night twofold watching some regular season Mlb!My Mets play tomorrow at 1:00 and all is well from a “frame of mind” standpoint.But of course thats always subject to change.BTW-Rooting for Venable.


Hurry – Up , Already!

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Don’t the last few weeks of spring training go by nauseatingly slow?!?Drives me insane.

Wake me when the season starts!